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Our mission is to search the globe to find the world’s finest confectionery products that satisfy the most discriminating of palates. We currently import these delicacies from Australia, France, Italy, Switzerland and Canada, and proudly provide a wide array of confections including: confetti almonds, chocolates, assorted candies, amaretto cookies, palets, galettes, licorice, lollipops, torrone, panettone, marzipan, mints, gum, fruit pastilles, and sugar free confections; all delivered with world-class service to our customers.

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FJ13302 - Jols Black Currant Candies

Jols Black Currant Sugar Free Pastilles (12 ea.)

Jols Black Currant Sugar Free Pastilles [...]

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FJ17301 - Jols 3 Fruits Candies

Jols 3 Fruits Sugar Free Pastilles (12 ea.)

Jols 3 Fruits Sugar Free Pastilles [...]

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FJ13101 - Licorette

Licorette Sugar Free Licorice Pastilles (12 ea.)

Licorette Sugar Free Licorice Pastilles [...]

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FJ84300 - Peppermint Tins

Jila Peppermint Sugar Free Mints Tins (12 ea.)

Jila Peppermint Sugar Free Mints Tins [...]

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LE1402 - Mixed Flavors Candies

Pastilles, Mixed Flavors Candies (6 ea.)

Mixed Flavors Candies [...]

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BM4338 - Gianduia White Tin

Gianduia White Tin

Gianduia White Tin [...]

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PRFC110 - Confetti Gold Wrap

Gold Foiled Confetti Almonds in Clear Box (4 ea.)

Gold Foiled Italian Sugared Almonds presented in a clear box [...]

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