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The Flamigni Company is a family owned and operated business with factories in Forli, Italy, an area well regarded as the food capital of Italy where Flamigni produces Torrone, Panettone and other Italian specialties. Three brothers of the Flamigni family founded the company over 60 years ago. Today, Marco Buli, his wife, a Flamigni by birth, and his children have expanded the business and continue its famous tradition of producing their regional confectionery specialties.


Marrons Glacés Gift Box

Traditional Candied Chestnuts presented in a white gift box [...]

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Marrons Glacés Panettone – Hand Wrapped

Hand wrapped Italian Panettone with Candied Chestnuts [...]

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Pandoro Tradizionale

Traditional Italian Pandoro [...]

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Panettone Glassato – Sacchetto Rosso

Italian Glazed Panettone presented in a festive red satchel [...]

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Panettone Glassato Rosso – Gift Box

Italian Glazed Panettone presented in a festive red gift box [...]

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Panettone Glassato Rosso – Hand Wrapped

Italian Glazed Panettone hand wrapped in festive red paper [...]

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Panettone with Chocolate & Apricot

Italian Panettone with Chocolate and Apricot [...]

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Panettone with Chocolate & Cherry

Italian Panettone with Chocolate and Cherry [...]

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