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Leone is one of the oldest confection companies in Italy specializing in fruit pastilles, digestives, and jellies. Their candy pastilles are beautifully packaged in convenient pocket sizes. More like flavored candies than mints these tiny digestives come in a small box wrapped in old fashion paper and sealed with a gold sticker.

LE2807 - Blood Orange Gele Cube

Cube, Blood Orange Gelé

Blood Orange Jellies Cube [...]

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LE2804 - Blueberry Gele Cube

Cube, Blueberry Gelé

Blueberry Jellies Cube [...]

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LE2805 - Lemon Gele Cube

Cube, Lemon Gelé

Lemon Jellies Cube [...]

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LE2802 - Strawberry Gele Cube

Cube, Strawberry Gelé

Strawberry Jellies Cube [...]

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LE2819 - Cubifrutta

Cubifrutta Fruit Jellies

Cubifrutta Fruit Jellies [...]

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Lemon Sugar Free Candy Tins (4 ea.)

Lemon Sugar Free Candy Tins [...]

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Pastilles, Absinthe Candies (6 ea.)

Absinthe Candies [...]

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Pastilles, Anise Candies (6 ea.)

Anise Candies [...]

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